Dec 09 / Sat
8 Years of Aether w/ Pedro Goya
Pedro Goya • Jaffa Surfa • Adx b2b Peter Bernath

Join us in celebrating a remarkable milestone as we look back on 8 years of shaping history, creating indelible memories, and dancing to the rhythm of our heart at Aether Club.

---- LINEUP----
Pedro Goya
A true pioneer of the turntables, Pedro Goya is set to grace our celebration with his unparalleled sound signature. A natural perfectionist, he has left an undeniable mark on the Portuguese music scene, having released on esteemed labels such as Frenzy, Overall Limited, Classic Music Company, Exun, Music For Freaks, Bloop, Brique Rouge, and many more. Currently steering his own ship with the record label, Pedro Goya Music, he continues to shape the musical landscape.
A versatile DJ, Pedro's pragmatic dance-floor reading abilities and exceptional skills are sure to keep the celebration alive and kicking!

The evening will be perfected by the presence of our local heroes: Jaffa Surfa, Adx and Peter Bernath.


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