Aether Podcast / Episode #005 / JAFFA SURFA
2023 / Nov / 20

Aether podcast series will include works from artists who are involved in the development of Aether Club and provide the tone of the house for a long time.
Stay tuned for more!

What about Jaffa Surfa?

Serious mixing skills, groovy sound and a slight of oldschool, that’s definitely Jaffa Surfa. His performances are all about creating a flow and tripping into sounds. Obsessed with vinyl, always digging and searching: a true craftsman behind the decks whose true strongest skill is his ability to go beyond mere genres and trends. No matter where he plays, chemistry is always working.

Tune in and welcome our beloved and the 5th guest of Aether podcast series, Jaffa Surfa!


Aether Podcast / Episode #004 / Mode & Valens
2022 / Dec / 11

Take an adventurous journey, from hypnotic techno to groovy stuff with overseas soundscapes, all in the name of quality. Welcome our next guests: Technokunst residents; Mode and Valens.

Q&A with Mode and Valens

  1. Funniest experience at Aether club:

    M: Having friends of the owner dance around in the booth and bring us champagne for no reason. It didn't help with playing records though.

    V: The fancy guys dancing in the booth drinking champagne while we were playing.

  2. Music you listened to as a teenager:

    M: A lot of 90s Jungle and some very fast electronic music called Breakcore.

    V: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 soundtrack on repeat until I was 14, then mostly drum and bass later.

  3. What’s the last record you bought?

    M: It was actually two at the same time:
    Adiel & Tamburi Neri - Arresto Temporaneo EP
    Claudio PRC - Challenger Deep

    V: A various artists 12" (SUBT303) featuring Oscar Mulero, Adriana Lopez, Kangding Ray and Desroi.

  4. Track that represents you the most?

    M: Hard to pick one, but it would be Instra:Mental - Sakura

    V: I think the tune I played the most times from my collection is IVC II by P.e.a.r.l.

  5. Ability to fly or invisibility?

    M: Flying of course

    V: Invisibility sounds creepy and I'm always running late these days so I'd pick flying to travel faster.

  6. Funniest track request you ever got?

    M: -

    V: None, luckily.

  7. What is your favourite hobby?

    M: Music and sports of any kind.

    V: I love to hang out with our doggo and spend unrealistic amount of time in parks playing fetch. Also, traveling.

  8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be

    M: Vancouver, the Alps, or somewhere in New Zealand for a while

    V: It really depends on the circumstances but one thing is for sure, the older I am the harder I can tolerate winters in Budapest.. so in Europe I would probably pick Spain or a Greek island.

  9. What can impress you?

    M: If it is in another person, humour and being open to new experiences.

    Otherwise traveling, food, and being in the mountains.
    V: I love plain honesty and smart people, if those two can be found in someone I'm already impressed. Also, I love if someone has built something successful from scratch.

  10. Where do you get your best ideas?

    M: Certainly while listening to great music

    V: hey usually come during late hours so I think I'm already in bed but can't fall asleep since my brain's working at 110%.

  11. Something you like and everybody else hates?

    M: Dad jokes

    V: Thrash content on Tiktok and other platforms.

  12. Best advice for newcomers:

    M: Take time to dig around in the old stuff, you'll find a lot to like.

    V: Don't try to be the "hardest" and the "fastest", those are not the best qualities. Also, warmup is important so if you are playing in that timeframe don't go crazy even if you normally do during your sets.

  13. A secret tip for djs?

    M: Go out to the floor before you play.

    V: Sometimes go and visit record shops even if you play digital. It's a great place for having conversations with like-minded people (and buying a vinyl occasionally does not hurt 🙂. You could also get cool recommendations by others

  14. Your podcast in one word?

    M: Expedition

    V: Journey






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